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Medical Community Credit Union
1400 S. Oliver
Wichita, Kansas  67218

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Medical Community Credit Union is dedicated to working for their members and we are always looking for better ways to serve you.

Pre-Paid Legal Plan

Medical Community Credit Union  is Delighted to announce a 
New Membership Benefit available to you  at an incredible discount as a member.  

Effective immediately, you can be 
covered by the
Protection of Pre-paid Legal Services Inc, of Ada, Oklahoma

Pre-paid legal attorneys

The Company was established in 1972, 
and has paid out more than $150,000,000 
to more than 100,000 attorneys for services
rendered to members.

nationwide pre-paid legal

The Company has developed an extensive nationwide network of thousands of attorneys and law firms.

pre-paid legal publicy held

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc is the only publicly-held company of its kind in the U.S. specializing solely in legal service plans.

Prepaid legal

Pre-Paid Legal Service, Inc is debt free, with corporate assets exceeding $102,000,000.
Preventative Legal Services
Preventive Legal Services
- Unlimited telephone consultations
- Legal Document review
- Will preparation
Vehicle Legal services
Motor Vehicle Legal Services
- Representation for violations
- Representation for certain motor vehicle
     related criminal charges
- Limited hourly assistance with:
   - Driver's license assistance
   - Personal injury / property damage
     collection assistance
Trail lawyer defense
Trial Defense Services
- Your Provider Attorney will assist in 
   the defense of civil suits and
   job-related criminal charges.  
   Up to 60 hours of assistance 
   the first membership year.
Pre-paid legal benefits
Scheduled benefits 
increase to a max of:

- 2nd year - 120 total hours
- 3rd year - 180 total hours
- 4th year - 240 total hours
- 5th year - 300 total hours
IRS Audit Legal Services
IRS Audit Legal Services
- Scheduled benefits up to 50 hours of
  professional service from your 
  Provider Attorney, including 3.5
  hours of pre-trial time.
Coverage includes the return due on 
April 15th of the first membership year.
Other Legal Services
- Any other legal services not otherwise
  covered by the membership are 
  available at a 25% discount from the
  Provider Attorney's standard or
  corporate hourly rate.
No company in the legal expense plan business is more capable of supporting you than Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and that is why Medical Community Credit Union has arranged for their members to obtain this Family Plan at the lowest possible cost. 

$14.95 per month

To start you membership benefits today

CALL 888-511-4643